Travel Insurance.

Well this proves that you need excellent travel insurance for you trips. I booked with True Traveller and they have been first rate, why? I hear you ask. Well I needed rescuing from Pangboche so they organised a helicopter rescue for Tony, Gyalsein and I, together with our belongings. Took one and a half hours to pick us up from an isolated, cold and very windy helipad at 3930 metres, this morning, and land at Kathmandu airport. Excellent service. I’m currently say in my hotel room, Hotel Manang, after having been to the hospital for X-rays and to speak with the doctor. The verdict is an excellent one, soft tissue damage only. No need for any fancy knee braces, just ibuprofen, rest, ice, compression and elevation, dah dee dah. Overall cost of £92.00. Not to bad, but I’d rather still be in the mountains tackling Island Peak. Had lunch on a roof top terrace, had Chicken Tikka Massala and sultana rice, absolutely fabulous. Puts ours to shame.






8 thoughts on “Travel Insurance.

  1. Pete. Is that Lukla??? I remember a mega display of flying by our pilot to get us back to Kathmandu as the weather closed in! Sounds like the trip is tough going but I know the stunning scenery helps takes your mind of things. All the best. Stodders.

    1. Yes mate. The fabulous Lukla flight. I only wished I could have done the return trip as the 100 metre drop at the end of the runway would have been heart in the mouth stuff. See you soon mate.

  2. What a way to get a helicopter flight!!
    Great bkog/photo’s. Nobidy’s been let down – most would of given up yonk’s ago. Plenty of days left – have a (rest) and enjoy. Wrekin etc doesn’t look the same. Anyway back to my T bone steak!

    1. The flight was great. Shame couldn’t complete the second mountain but now something else to aim for. Had a curry for lunch and a Chinese for tea. Hope you enjoy that T-bone steak, sounds great.

    1. Thank you very much for the assistance. Fantastic and valuable service and no doubt saved my knee from further, worse injury. I am now in receipt of the doctors report and will forward when I get back to the UK.

      1. No worries. People are always a little apprehensive when they dig out their insurance, phone the number and wonder what happens next. And then a big yellow helicopter turns up at 4000m in the middle of the Himalayas to rescue you!

  3. You seem to have left a lasting legacy on their policy wordings today though, and i quote;

    “* Please note: The Policy Excess is increased to £875 in respect of medical emergency repatriation by air ambulance or helicopter services within Nepal. (This increased Policy Excess will not be waived if the Excess Waiver option has been purchased and is shown on your Validation Certificate).”

    Be proud 😉

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